Q: Is this a co-owned project?

Yes, this project is co-owned by both HUECYCLES and Lisspeed, who came up with most of the stories and main cast.

On top of that it has a small but incredibly talented team working on it.

Q: Will there be a fangame?

It's unlikely a fangame will be made, but we won't rule it out. Chapter 3, aka The Metropolis, is still planned to have a full in-depth YouTube series, with the other chapters hopefully following along.

Q: What do you use for making all the videos, art and music?

Regarding artwork, it's different for everyone: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop and Procreate are the most common programs. For sprite art almost everyone uses Aseprite. Music is usually done in FL Studio. Lastly, programming is done in Kristal, a Deltarune engine!

Q: Can you add my character or idea to the series?

Sadly no. Our chapters already have a clear story they're following, with a talented team of concept artists adding any designs where necessary.

Q: Who makes all the music? Will the soundtrack be available on Spotify?

Before it was only HUECYCLES, but now that we have a team, these people also make incredible songs for Andromedia: Rata, L Void, Creepa-Bot and Sylladexter. The soundtrack won't show up on Spotify, but it will be on SoundCloud and some on YouTube.

Q: [Insert Detail Here] is inaccurate, or doesn't follow the storyline closely.

That is because it's an AU we are making for fun. We do try to be as accurate as possible to the main source (Halojack is a prime example of this), but it won't be perfect everytime. Some stuff might be altered by creative liberty, while others may have stemmed from an oversight. Try not to think too much about it, and if you do, avoid being harsh.

Q: What was the thought process behind the Secret Bosses?

We take a lot of inspiration from how Spamton and Jevil are written within the game. As a result we try to keep some of the details such as their muted colours (with the exception of Spree Blitz) and themes with their eyes consistent. At the end of the day we're also just having fun so not everything is going to be 100% accurate.

Q: Why choose Napstablook instead of Undyne?

We felt that having two main characters from Undertale whose stories were already explored would make Chapter 3 a bit... boring. Napstablook is a side character that we'd love to flesh out or know more about, and since they're a cop, we chose to feature them in Chapter 3 instead.

Q: How does the whole thing about Kris's pocket work? Why do Kris, Spamton and Jevil have a different palette? How can Kris even BE inside their own pocket??

Once the VS Spamton and Jevil video is out, a lot of these questions will be properly answered! Seeing how it plays out is way more fun than explaining it. That being said, it's not too much of a complex answer.

Q: Does the AU have any Weird Routes?

Yes, some chapters do Weird Routes. We'd like to keep most of the details a secret, though!

Q: Does your AU use Chess Theory?

Yes! But not in the traditional sense. Rather, we try to look at how the chess pieces work in-game and use that as inspiration on how the leaders function. So far each chapter does have a character that goes by the name of a chess piece, though some play less major roles!

Q: Is Halojack any harder than Jevil or Spamton Neo?

Yes, she is more powerful than both of them and thus has a very challenging fight. You'll also need to use the Shadow Mantle against her to win, like Seam tells us in Chapter 2's aftermath. We do worry about keeping her balanced so it isn't an unfair battle.

Q: Why is Comet not named Carol?

Several reasons. For one, the name Carol isn't even official. There's a ton of Christmas themed names that start with a C. Secondly, the name Comet has a ton of implications for the Mayor's character in this AU. Her journey, her wants, her wishes, her Dark World form, etc. Naming her Carol just wouldn't make sense at this point. She's basically named after one of Santa's Reindeer, similarly to Rudy. Lastly, we were getting a bit tired of seeing the name Carol everywhere and how people kept trying to force us to use it too. We wanted to use something different that still fit with the Christmas themes.

Q: Who is the Knight? Why are there multiple?

We've got 4 Knights in this AU, with only one being the True Knight. Basically to follow the Chess Theory of 4 Knights. Mayor Comet Holiday is the main Knight, and Kris is one as well. The other 2 are a secret for now, but will be revealed soon!

Q: What will you do once Chapters 3-5 are out?

We'll just... keep this project as an AU. lol It's very much a passion project right now, as well as just a take on future chapters. We're very attached to these characters so we do want them around, especially if it ever stops being a series and becomes a fangame.

Q: What about your take on Dess?

Dess is getting a bit of spotlight in Candleholder, though there is a build up to her in Andromedia Chapters.

Q: Why are The Beholder and The Vessel not items?

The Bunker works very differently from a regular Dark World, with time we'll explain this!

Q: Why give Toriel plant powers instead of fire powers? Doesn't she use fire in Undertale?

Undertale and Deltarune are two different universes. On top of that, many people have based her Deltarune design on a fire mage. It does make her look a lot like Ralsei, which is a bit boring to us personally.

So we decided to explore the nature aspect of her. She seems to enjoy gardening or plants in general, evidenced by the Ruins in Undertale having a lot of autumn imagery (which is very symbolic for her character). She also has a connection to Flowey, and in Deltarune, keeps throwing Asgore's flowers away. We felt it would be interesting to make her powers be tied to plants and seasons, giving us more aspects of her to tap on.

Q: How will the Orange and Cyan Soul modes work?

The team is still brainstorming this. We've had many different ideas so far but none really seemed to work out, so it's mostly just a bunch of going back and forth to develop something. Once we've got something that works we're excited to reveal it to the public! The two will likely be connected in some way however.

Q: What about Tenna? They seem to be the antagonist instead of Mike, will you replace Mike with Tenna?

NO. (Since a lot, and we mean a LOT of people asked... lol)

We like our own vision for Mike as the antagonist so we're definitely maintaining it. Tenna is a character in The Metropolis, but having such a drastic change to the main antagonist role is not something we plan on doing.

Mike has his own backstory and motives, and we'd love to tell that story instead of trying to be canon compliant (which is not exactly our goal). That being said, Tenna will appear! Just not exactly as what the Spamton Sweepstakes has set up.