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Hello, i'm HUECYCLES! :) You can just call me Hue for short. I like digital art, animation and am an aspiring musician/pixel artist. I think game developers are cool (I'd like to become one someday).

I'm self taught, and I'm still learning a ton of new stuff. Mostly posting fanart and original content on social media!

Currently focusing on two Deltarune projects: Deltarune: The Metropolis and Candleholder. Click on Projects to learn more about them :o)


Q: What do you use for digital art and animation?

I use Clip Studio Paint EX! Before switching, I used PaintTool SAI.

Q: What about pixel art and music?

I use Aseprite and FL Studio respectively.

Q: Do you do commissions?

Not at the moment, but I do have a price sheet ready for whenever I decide to open them again. I am considering taking Ko-fi sketch commissions in the near future, so there's that! Here's my Ko-fi page.

Q: Do you know music theory? How did you learn to do music?

I honestly don't know anything about music theory lol. I still have a long way to go, but what got me through a bit were these tutorials and videos right here. The Deltarune Sample Guide doc also helps me a lot! As you can see, Toby Fox heavily inspires me to make music, and without his work I wouldn't have discovered my passion for composing.

Q: Do you know how to code?

A little bit! I'm learning Lua with the Kristal engine, and I know very very basic GML in Game Maker. I have quite a few old projects in there, like a copy of Pong and Flappy Bird that I made with the help of a GMS2 course.

Q: Do you have any original projects?

Yes! I have LIGHTSPLIT which is currently on hold at the moment (a 6 year long journey, haha), plus other characters and worlds that aren't finished yet. I'll have a page ready for showing my characters and a bit of the projects soon! For now, you can visit the LIGHTSPLIT website down below. (Still very much in progress!)


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