In the wake of the festival, the LIGHT looks to lull away their worries. The Delta Warriors, with all seven Shadow Crystals, decide it is time to finally guide these turbulent energies through the DARK.

But purification never comes easy. A new, darker shadow looms over a Lightner's HOPE, snatching their willpower... and casting away those still waiting to find peace to a land of DREAMS.


You are here too, right?

Despite everything, you will just never learn to leave.

About the Project

Candleholder is a Deltarune fangame in early development. It is being programmed in Kristal.

You play as Spamton, who has fallen in a Neo Dark Fountain inside Kris's pocket, and now explores a strange, dreamy place called the Cluttersphere.

With your perspective shifted, having Jevil as your ally (?) and being tasked with protecting Kris's lifeforce in the form of a candlelight, you must use the SOUL to guide Spamton into making it back to the Dark World safely.

...Oh, and Lancer is here too.


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