Dess H. Plays

Alright, first post here.

Hello everyone, you can call me Dess :) I play the guitar as a hobby I ended up getting from my nerdy churchgoer friend. Not very fond of church music, but I do mess around with guitar covers every now and then, as well as some original pieces!

May share them here if this goes well and if I'm not feeling too ashamed about them sounding offkey lol But if you want to request a song for me to cover, please leave a message!

Not sure if I'll be able to post consistently, so lemme upload some of the stuff I have ready and make the blog pretty for now.

(In case I ever use a holiday related gif here, even if it's not holiday season, don't make a big deal about it. My sister likes it)

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To whoever messaged "Please cover Hyperdream - The Serialkillers":

You can play guitar yourself and much better than me lmfao. Not happening

Also that song is surprisingly hard man! My fingers are already calloused, I need more lessons (and more gingerbread cookies from your mother, they're my source of motivation)

One day I'll be able to play the first half of your favorite song. :)

Holiday gif of the day (I told you my sister likes it):

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Got "Blood Crushers The Band - Raise Up Your Bat" in my inbox today.

Great choice and nice music taste! I'm very biased but shh

Couldn't make a full cover since I had to meet up with some friends (who I kept bailing for the last few weeks). Will continue or maybe do another take when I come back.

For now here's a snippet:

Holiday gif of the day:

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